16 May 2011

Rock and roses

I've been longing for real France times so have monitored some of latest news to see what I can create a tenuous link between.

Et bah voila my offering. Even if I have yet to feel a burning desire to writhe around in the back of a luxury car, rubbing rose petals all over myself - you just can't knock the Moss for doing so, and in so much style.

Never has a lonely back seat journey been so erotically charged. The YSL campaign for Parisienne is about to launch a second mini film with the English vedette. More of the same I hope. 

Can't help but think of Kevin Spacey's naughty teenage temptation in American Beauty whenever roses are so sexualised.

For now enjoy part one, and contain yourselves for part deux.

Sur le pont de Paris..on y danse on y danse.

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