31 January 2010


I have learnt that Scrabble + Milka chocolate + my housemates is not always a great combination. Please visualise us trying to create longer words than "dog" or "say". Dark times at Sunningdale. It seems as though extreme sugar intake makes it harder to concentrate, never is this more clear than when Filo inhales some Milka. Bye bye chocolate, and hello single child syndrome.  Crashing around the table, shaking up the Scrabble letters and generally making a lot of noise, Filo does it all. As a child Filo liked to perform for her parents' friends, much to the dismay of her mother. And so was penned the phrase "put on your leotard" to describe anyone who just loves to perform.

I love leotards,unitards, jumpsuits - you name the onesie and I'll wear it. So ideal for perfectly fitting outfits, I'm surprised it took so long for leotards to become a fashion staple again.


30 January 2010

The tale of my red hair

Once upon a time there was a girl called Melanie. From the age of twelve Melbo knew deep down that she was destined for far more than just the mousy brown hair her parents had bestowed upon her. She decided to make a change.

I took a deep breath and reached for Ariel's luscious locks.

Here the adventures continue, follow my gingerlocks and I on a journey dotted by frocks, fabrics and fun.