26 February 2011


Sugary teef

So kids are getting fat. Haven't kids been getting fat forever though? Each week it seems the government releases a study claiming that no matter how hard parents, teachers and other adults try, these kids just ain't alright.

My brother has hit 17. Landmark. Or rather, one of the worst ages you can be? Inbetween fun. Still minors and to a degree still bound by educative shackles. 

Like many teenage boys he is an image of character confusion. Somewhere between North London hoodlum and aspirational chef with a hint of anger at the world. In the last year he has become a human hoover, nothing in the area is safe and the quality is completely irrelevant. So goodbye wonderfully expensive cheese I've been eyeing up all week in the fridge. Goodbye all traces of ice cream. And finally goodbye most of the ingredients for my dinner party tonight...

At least he doesn't still pull this kind of stunt.

12 February 2011


Yesterday, finally, my red hair played a crucial role in my job. It seems these days you need a little more than a degree, work experience and a lorrrrra patience ( just ask the girl who walks up and down High Holborn everyday wearing a sandwich board bullet pointing her professional experience - ouch.) Today even your hair colour can be a desirable attribute for your role as an intern.

Yesterday, I played stand in for a lovely lady of the ginger variety as she was fawned upon by the hair and make-up posse. The photographer, an incredibly cool bearded guy, learnt my name pretty quickly and summoned me to several rooms to play twinnie. I stood like a bit of a lemon, but as photographers usually do, he worked the chit chat and charm, soon enough I was sprawled across velvet sofas making doe eyes through hazy lighting into his camera.

I'd love to meet the stand-ins from his previous work...