29 December 2010


Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair.

I have a problem. A chronic attachment to short hair on women and long hair on men. Why this role reversal of the traditional gender barnet styles? I really don't have any coherent answers for you. Sadly when it comes to hair, I sort of go weak at the knees for a lady's pixie crop or a fella's pony tail. 

I've been trying for about three years now to grow my hair. In this time a small but spritely friend of mine has regained her beautifully thick locks which she cut short in a moment of madness in second year. When I was younger it was never a problem, and even Rapunzel would have been jealous. My locks would swish around my shoulders quite happily, ignorant to the fact that my teenage hormones were about to kick in, and put an end to their long healthy lives.  Literally cut their lives short. (MUST STOP BAD JOKES IN 2011)

For a couple of years I have obsessed over certain plait hairstyles made famous by Heidi. Right now I want to gauge out my eyes and bang my head on the table in exasperation at the stupidity of people like Heidi Montag who has ruined my google search for 'Heidi Hair'. To bring you back to my favourite hair style of the year please peruse the following images. In addition, try to imagine me stretching my short locks unsuccessfully into some messy plaits. Maybe come February my hair will actually embrace the plaits, and I'll look like some of these babes...

The come touch me plait

The goody two shoes plait
The winter princess plait

Hey a girl can dream.

16 December 2010

La forme

de la femme est belle

Ry Cash ACNE cashmere 

15 December 2010

Ignored the warnings

People never hesitate in giving advice, warnings and blessings. However, it is often easier to go with your own instincts rather than admit that someone else's opinion might actually be better. 

Some of the most poignant advice I've ever received was given to me in 2007. It was to say that emotions come in waves, moreover they are uncontrollable and unpredictable. It is therefore no wonder that so many people find themselves in therapy many many years after personal dramas. I think that therapy can be an effective service, and an extremely helpful outlet for many people. Naturally, talking to someone you do not know can be intimidating, terrifying even. But it is the first step to reclaiming your self and speaking to an impartial somebody may just be the trigger you needed.

I sometimes wonder if counsellors are like the people listening silently at confession. But more often I think of them as people wearing masks. A mask for work, a mask for home and a mask for alone time. With each new mask you can assume a new identity, gives the phrase 'put a brave face on' a whole new meaning. Today I'm wearing my cat mask, and for the moment I feel safe.

Abby Lee

Chloe Sevigny

Alley Cat

1 December 2010

Bond Babes

Throughout time Bond girls have been synonymous with glamour, beauty and an uncontrollable urge to throw themselves lips first at our British hero. 

Each week I like to settle on a new beach in Gwada. I feel like I'm making the most of my time here by meeting this taxing demand. But more and more, as I gaze out at the turquoise rippling sea I can't help but think about some of the babes who have frequented these Caribbean shores for films, photo shoots and pleasure. 

Bond girls always had time to rise up from the waves in various states of undress, but they moved with utter grace and never failed to excite an awaiting audience. There is of course the iconic Ursula Andress, who sadly now resembles someone who takes refuge in a very hot wind tunnel.(Regret that face lift much, love?) But in her hey day the view was pretty sweet and pretty Caribbean. 

As far as the Bond Babes goes though, I have other favourites. I adore the British rose Arterton who isn't nearly as annoying as the overly and unnecessarily praised Knightly. Arterton actually smiles, a smile that ignites her porcelain skin and almond eyes.

  Who's a pretty kitty?

ID 2010