30 May 2010

They don't love you like I love you

Neglect. Unashamed, absolute neglect of this blog. Oh babes. 

I am but one exam away from complete liberty and the rest of my little life.  Perhaps then, after a couple of months of hibernation under piles of paper, forests' worth of notes and mind maps further to extreme social exclusion I will regain some of what I lost. Namely some serious colour to my ghost like skin tone and some smiley happy people. The first ripples of happiness and freedom have already passed through Bristol students, with others scowling on in jealousy. Yes we know you couldn't be happier to be free of the shackles of education, but doesn't mean we necessarily want it blasted it in our faces...

Bitter. Me? Never.

Made some superb purchases of late. Whilst others got their kicks from slave labour in the library, burning energy in the gym or cleaning the house repeatedly, I find myself drawn to obscene amounts of online winning ( I WIN the items). Much to the dismay of my housemates who continually greet the postman with withering looks, as he hands over yet another clunky package of goods for a certain MJ. Favourite purchases ( to be papped and posted soon) a tropical playsuit, some suede caged heels and a glitter lipstick.

On to the last, and then onto many many more adventures overseas.