16 May 2011

Rock and roses

I've been longing for real France times so have monitored some of latest news to see what I can create a tenuous link between.

Et bah voila my offering. Even if I have yet to feel a burning desire to writhe around in the back of a luxury car, rubbing rose petals all over myself - you just can't knock the Moss for doing so, and in so much style.

Never has a lonely back seat journey been so erotically charged. The YSL campaign for Parisienne is about to launch a second mini film with the English vedette. More of the same I hope. 

Can't help but think of Kevin Spacey's naughty teenage temptation in American Beauty whenever roses are so sexualised.

For now enjoy part one, and contain yourselves for part deux.

Sur le pont de Paris..on y danse on y danse.

7 May 2011


 Not the biggest fan of the tattoos, mostly because I can't imagine myself with something on my body forever. My siblings hold very different opinions to me opting to decorate their bodies in a brightly coloured melange of 'well' thought out designs. From my parents name in a banner being held aloft by swallows, to the piercing green eyes of the Afgan National Geographic girl, my brother is well and truly tatted. Piercings, on the other hand, I am a massive fan of.

Too many times I have read make up articles advising young and old women alike to 'let your lips do the talking.' Talk about stating the bloody obvious.

The wonderful americans have seriously upped their lip decorating game.

Rather than tattoo the inside of your lip with something as moronic as 'bite me', why not reignite that childhood love of all things transferable and get a transfer tattoo across your lips. So rad. Available in an array of colours and patterns - Who's Jack lip transfers will leave admirers wondering 'who is THAT'. 

I fancy leopard lips. For the moment I'll make do with my Topshop, No 7, Barry M and Bourjois lipsticks... oh the glamour.

Barry M Glitter lipschtick

3 May 2011

Until you walk a mile in my shoes

But which?

Asos Heist £70
Toms classic cream £33
Topshop Kosy £50

From the city girl who'd rush around the streets of London in the Heist, to the cream and casual Toms girl who slurps on smoothies in East London right down to the girl who likes nothing better than a long cotton dress and grandpa's chic Kosy slippers. The girl is mine.

2 May 2011

Summer is only Winter with you

A trip down memoire avenue on itunes throws up some absolute classics and some interesting stories to boot.

Pinback - Fortress - reminds me of rushing home from weekend jobs to watch The OC on tv. The first teenie drama I really got into. What wasn't there to love - young hot new faces, serious hair quality and the most ideal soundtrack to accompany my teenage heartbreaks. 

Where are those babes these days? I expect Mischa Barton is looking in the mirror crying at her crack tortured face, crossing her fingers in hope that her next accessories collection makes it 'big'. At the other end of the spectrum shy star Rachel Bilson has recently been papped basking in the barbadian sunshine with relative hottie in tow - I think we know who came off better here.

It's funny how things that seemed catastrophic and life changing at the time are little more than laughable memories to me now. Memory is a funny and very selective thing. 

From C Magazine March 2011 - The girl still got it