21 October 2010

The fairer sex

The inequality between the sexes is without doubt a well trodden path of discussion. However, new shores have cast new light upon my own musings.

Never have I ever felt more visible, more white and more female than during my time here in Gwad. Guadeloupian men for the most part are Afro- Caribbean, extremely forward, beyond confident and fond of whistling, howling and hissing at European women as they innocently pass by. At first I made the mistake of smiling at the odd one, soon realising that even a tiny twitch of the mouth is an open invitation to unbridled harassment. I kid yo not.

A fairly reliable Guadeloupian male source informed me that there is one lady who earns the respect of the guys here in an instant. With just one note of her growly vocal chords, Lady Saw keeps the men of the Carribean in line. Queen of the dancehall, the guys do not mess. I'm never going to master her sexual confidence or her aggressively commanding stage presence, but I will continue to admire the women who put these guys in their place. 

I won't be pining after her lycra dresses, fishnets and Cleopatra weave though...

20 October 2010


A/W 2010 fashion

I'd really like to be wrapped up in some sweeeet soft camel coat, with a belt, maybe a hood. A crisp white shirt, leopard print pony shoes and my dirty boy levis. 

Please send me photos of your clothes England. I have an insatiable desire to see your threads. 

High time

For an update. Please excuse the delay between posts, have been stretching my wings and have taken flight for sandier shores. What with all the organisation, operation and au revoirs it has taken me quite a while to get back into the swing of el blogger. I plan to make amends, not only for myself and the self indulgence but also to keep friends aware of my adventures abroad. 

Remember me the ginger one riiight.

Now based in Guadeloupe, Caribbean I am keeping a hold on reality just.... The beaches, palm trees and perpetual sunshine make it hard to imagine that Gwad is anything other than a perfect paradise. Living here is a different story. Add to that postcard image spontaneous tropical storms, dodging goats,cows and rude boys on the way to anywhere and a highly unreliable transport system and you might only begin to picture a more realistic image of life over here.

I am thoroughly enjoying comparing my tan lines with others (even though I'm laughably white compared to most of them) and exploring new beaches and types of waves. Note - face the sea at all times it can be wildly unpredictable. I've already lost one towel and one dress to the sea's wrath...

Might be thousands of miles away from the hustle and bustle of LDN, but can't help but miss it a tad.I am adapting slowly to the super slow sway of life in the Caribbean, where even the most simple of tasks can take weeks. Having my phone stolen was probably a blessing in disguise, forcing me to slow down too.

Back to the dancehall.