7 May 2011


 Not the biggest fan of the tattoos, mostly because I can't imagine myself with something on my body forever. My siblings hold very different opinions to me opting to decorate their bodies in a brightly coloured melange of 'well' thought out designs. From my parents name in a banner being held aloft by swallows, to the piercing green eyes of the Afgan National Geographic girl, my brother is well and truly tatted. Piercings, on the other hand, I am a massive fan of.

Too many times I have read make up articles advising young and old women alike to 'let your lips do the talking.' Talk about stating the bloody obvious.

The wonderful americans have seriously upped their lip decorating game.

Rather than tattoo the inside of your lip with something as moronic as 'bite me', why not reignite that childhood love of all things transferable and get a transfer tattoo across your lips. So rad. Available in an array of colours and patterns - Who's Jack lip transfers will leave admirers wondering 'who is THAT'. 

I fancy leopard lips. For the moment I'll make do with my Topshop, No 7, Barry M and Bourjois lipsticks... oh the glamour.

Barry M Glitter lipschtick

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