2 May 2011

Summer is only Winter with you

A trip down memoire avenue on itunes throws up some absolute classics and some interesting stories to boot.

Pinback - Fortress - reminds me of rushing home from weekend jobs to watch The OC on tv. The first teenie drama I really got into. What wasn't there to love - young hot new faces, serious hair quality and the most ideal soundtrack to accompany my teenage heartbreaks. 

Where are those babes these days? I expect Mischa Barton is looking in the mirror crying at her crack tortured face, crossing her fingers in hope that her next accessories collection makes it 'big'. At the other end of the spectrum shy star Rachel Bilson has recently been papped basking in the barbadian sunshine with relative hottie in tow - I think we know who came off better here.

It's funny how things that seemed catastrophic and life changing at the time are little more than laughable memories to me now. Memory is a funny and very selective thing. 

From C Magazine March 2011 - The girl still got it

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