23 June 2011

Escape to the country

It's sale time. And I think I've finally mastered it.

Long gone are the days of rifling through piles of fugly clothes from 1999 in a mixture of rayon to nylon fabrics. I would feel my pits perspire without even daring to touch them. Giving my personal sweat factory a rest this year since 2011's offering of sale goods is a little more appealing, if you look in the right places. (See Lip Lulu Guinness Clutch ) Safe from the comfort of my office chair, or occasionally my duvet's cocoon - the sales are most tactically approached via internet.  

One brand currently leading the pack is Asos. A clear fire winner when it comes to mastering the social media dragon with a plethora of puzzles, games and initiatives to get customers engaged - but all for what?

I have to be brutally honest and say the Asos sale compromised mostly of old, badly fitting, ultra cheap material exposing, terrible tat, something not even a Bon Marche shop window would display. We are talking about cheap Asos own-brand tat. Clothing we didn't want to buy in the first place ( offending item - brown chunky knit short sleeve number) and second time round it's still about as appealing as sticking your head out of a moving London underground train...with a hangover.

To avoid all this hooha, I'm escaping to Somerset. For sunshine or showers, I will be spending a few nights under the Shepton Mallet skies and silently hoping the rain holds out and I can fully enjoy some fine music with some fine friends. Fine Cheese.

Sure - I'll be wearing my 2007 clothes. But at least they lasted buddy.

Will drop you a few pictures upon my return.


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