20 March 2011

These are a few of my...

Favourite things.

Rouge resplendent, wild and unruly -  the Ginger people are never far from view.  I'm going to make a faux pledge to try and mould these random musings into something slightly more ordered and themed. As much as I love writing about things I find hot, sexy, annoying and interesting sometimes a girl has just got to do it for her people. 

I'm looking for gingers, red heads, rusty beards and strawberry blondes. All shapes, sizes, ages and sexual orientation please.

(An ice cream van is going round my village - what a keen bean)

Of course, on top of a celebration of this copper craze I'll continue to post things you care about even less.

The utterly charming and astonishingly down to earth Christina Hendricks. Face of the Palladium Vivienne Westwood Get A Life Jewellery collection. Not a real ginge.

Three German Ginger lasses swapping notes at MuffinMan, Hannover, Deutschland.

Ginger sister with a big bad bow - Linden Nord, Hannover, Deutschland. Faux.

Tyre Swing Berlin park. Unreal. But ginger.

Kind of creepy, mostly well loved. Ginger and Blonde dolls. Am Hohen Ufer Flohmarkt, Hannover, Deutschland.

Een leuke kat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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