5 March 2011

Life Admin

The sun is playing hide and seek, and I'm getting a bit sick of losing. I can't cope with the on going jacket on jacket off role play. I need to know NOW what is going on with this English weather. We have a tumultuous relationship, and I'm pretty sure weather UK is in for a serious dumping.

It's one of the first things I do when I wake up - check the weather. Rolling over in bed to check online or sometimes I dare to peek through my blinds at the grim reality. Not once this week have I been pleasantly surprised. A big two fingers to the cruddy cold we've been having.

Enough bitchiness about the weather - how English have I become? (Seriously no other nationality can drag out chat about the weather like the Brits) 

I rate my week about 8/10. I won some divine boots on eBay this week as a pay day treat and cannot wait to take them out for a spin. But they do not suffice. I will permit myself to purchase one more thing this week I tinks. It's just about bloody time.

Here is a selection of things I am looking into currently - draw inspiration from what you will.

Beauts Blue Scooter - loved cruising around Les Saintes on one of these babies even though 80% of the time I thought I might die.

Pear Drops - sweet and perfectly formed - As good as when we were kids?
Arterton being turned into a human oil slick on the set of Bond. Where's the new Bond at?

Portman - can this woman do no wrong?

Not enough people appreciate TinTin.

Mourning the loss of two of my besties, who are now travelling in Brazil. They've exchanged Patisserie Valerie for cheese/bread of Brazil.

The British Museum is incredible. Great mood lighting and excellent collections. I want a naked ceramic lady in my house.

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